Faites / Fête de la photo !

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Article publié sur le site de l’Institut Français en Inde.

Laurent Laveder

Laurent Laveder

“Everyone is a photographer now, remember. That’s the great thing about photography.”
– Martin Parr, Photographer

Fête de la Photo celebrates photography in various forms of its evolution. Envisioned to take place in 12 different Indian cities in partnership with The Alliance Française, it will be the first pan-India photography festival. Fête de la Photo, modelled on the open and accessible Fête de la Musique, indulges photography and its various forms. This festival aims to celebrate the photographic as much as the photograph. It brings together photographers, amateurs and professionals, and photography enthusiasts, from India and France to create a dialogue around photographic practice and image making. The festival will encourage initiatives in public spaces by drawing attention to the medium of photography.
The history of photography is embedded in the cultural history of France. From the earliest surviving photographs of Niépce to the aesthetic realism of Bresson, France has been an important contributor in blossoming photography into an artform. India, on the other hand has been a fascinating subject for photographers. Many European photographers have reflected on India to develop some of their best works. Continuing with the spirit of India Photo Now, IPN’08, Fête de la Photo brings together India and France to contemplate the possibilities of photography in contemporary times. Through collaborations with a diverse group of arts organizations and artists, the festival will bring both experimental and traditional art to the public in outdoor, indoor and online platforms.

Consequently, Fête de la Photo has a dual purpose :
To take photography out of the gallery spaces and bring it on the street reclaiming the space it once had.
Photography has been a medium of democratic expression since its conception. In an attempt to reach out to the audiences on the street, this festival will be held in public places. Spaces like galleries, museums, shopping complexes, in addition to streets, will be used to display photographs by Indian and French photographers. Photographic displays as part of the city scapes are means of intervention to reclaim the public spaces. Public spaces are cluttered with advertisements and unnecessary information. Artistic intervention through photographs will draw attention to specific ideas and opinions, in spaces that are frequented by public on a daily basis. The intent is to suggest photographs as part of the cityscape to establish changing relations between the public and the city, as well as, photography and its audience.

Fete de la Photo de Parthiv Shah

Fete de la Photo de Parthiv Shah

To showcase different forms and methods of photographic practice and image making.
Fête de la Photo will feature experimental and traditional photographic practices. It will facilitate photography in its various forms like fine art photography, portraits, abstract, documentary and street/urban photography; and different methods of making photographs used by amateur and professional photographers including mobile phones and pinhole cameras. The online platforms like Tumblr and Instagram, and online magazines, will be used to establish the changing relation between the photographer and the subject.

In addition to public spaces, online spaces/projects will be used to bring photography to the people. Massive change in photography is seen with the relentless use of digital technology in both taking and sharing photos. Digital online platforms have established the dramatic change in creating; distributing and publishing of photographs. In September 2012 Fortune magazine reported that 10% of all photos ever taken were shot in 2011. In 2012, more than 380 billion photographs were taken, which is more than the combined number of photographs taken in the last 50 years. Mobile phones and easy-to-use digital cameras are equipped with instant sharing facilities and effects that enhance and stylise the photograph. This democratisation by technology has changed the act of photography and the photographic image with new tools and new ways of interaction. The festival will elucidate this changing nature of the photographic medium, new forms of display and interaction to build new audiences.

The following activities are planned for the festival:
Exhibitions and Individual photographs
Indian and French photographers will be invited to present a series or an individual image on buildings and public spaces like parks and subways. Powerful works of senior photographers will be displayed on large scale at strategic places all over the city. Specialised photography like Astrophotography and subjects like women’s issues and urban pollution will be explored.

Talks and seminars
Discussions and debates around pertinent topics like rights of the photography subject will draw the public. A few topics that can be discussed are Street Photography – the right to click and the right to be clicked and Archiving personal photographs in the digital age.

Mobile Photo Booth
A photobooth that can move in different parts of the city will be equipped with different backdrops giving people the opportunity to get themselves clicked by a professional photographer.

Photography competition
In partnership with Alliance Française in various cities, Fête de la Photo will organise a photography competition. A few photographs will be chosen from the shortlisted entries for the festival. Check #mumbaiphotohunt organised by Alliance Française de Bombay on Instagram.

A thrilling treasure hunt where clues will be given in the form of photographs will be up for a suitable prize.

Books and publication
A book featuring all the participating artists and commentaries by established photographers and academicians.

Detailed programme by city coming soon, so grab your camera and be a part!

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