Heritage Days


European Heritage Days (les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) are a series of events that take place in September, commemorating Europe’s common heritage. During these set of days, countries in Europe give free access to museums and other historical sites. On this occasion, the Alliance Française has organized a series of events. Initiated in France in […]

Café Le Rendez-vous


Every once in a while, you need an eatery that makes you feel like you’re anywhere but well, here. That for that hour or two, there exists the tantalizing and entirely implausible possibility that you’ll walk out of the Café Le Rendez-vous and think that you are in a totally different environment. Some establishments accomplish that […]

Diplomatic café

Café diplomatique de Pondichery

In keeping with its tradition of Literary Cafés, the Alliance Française de Pondicherry presented a café with a twist i.e. the first diplomatic café at the Maison Colombini on 17th July 2013. The current Consul General of France in Pondicherry, Mr. Pierre Fournier is all set to take up his career as a diplomat on […]

Le café bleu


Le Café à l’Alliance Française de Trivandrum Rien n’est plus agréable qu’une discussion amicale autour d’un petit café. L’Alliance Française de Trivandrum pouvait se targuer de locaux confortables: bibliothèque, salle d’expo, terrasse. Cependant, les étudiants étaient obligés de sortir pour prendre leur pause-café. Aujourd’hui ce n’est plus le cas. Le 29 octobre l’Alliance Française a […]


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