Fashion with a conscience at AF Panjim-Goa


Over the last few centuries, human greed has caused unprecedented environmental degradation. Even though a large percentage of the population is battling crippling poverty, conspicuous consumption continues to be actively encouraged. Concerted steps – both on an individual and a societal level – have become the need of the hour to counteract these challenges. France and India are keenly […]

Happy owners


Over the course of the next year (2014-15), French artist, living in Mumbai, Soazic Guezennec  will be showcasing her artwork across seven Alliances Françaises in India: Happy Owners, Subjective Architecture Realty a concept based on series of imaginary architectural plans where nature dominates cities. Inspired by the increasing divide that exists between cities and nature, Soazic Guezennec, French artist living […]

Paroles des arbres


La plasticienne française, Constance Fulda, est venue durant deux mois en Inde pour travailler en résidence artistique. Tournée vers la nature et notamment les arbres, son œuvre comporte tableaux, polyptyques et objets comme des paravents. Son travail explore avec un grand raffinement  les couleurs, les mouvements et les blessures des écorces des arbres. Découverte.  Le premier rapport […]

Real real estate


French artist Soazic Guezennec explores the tension between Nature and Urbanity. The show is on at Studio X, in partnership with Alliance Française de Bombay.  Nature and  the city. Two entities  that are at times complementary, and often in opposition. The co-existing tension between both is the focus of artist Soazic Guezennec who started to work on […]


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