Pulling the right strings

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It has been said that art is how we decorate space whilst music is how we decorate time. Stringly Yours is a new project which epitomises this philosophy and will tug at more than just your hearstrings. The duo features the French composer, arranger, producer, bass guitarist and pianist Mishko M’ba along with the Bangalore-based music producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sankarshan ‘Shanks’ Kini. For Stringly Yours, the former will be on bass and the latter on guitar. Their performances are a musical journey through some of Mishko’s compositions, some songs from Shanks and a few rearrangements of some of their favourites musicians and composers. Alliance Française de Pondicherry recently piloted a series of performances for the duo in Pune (Jan 13), Chandigarh (Jan 15), Amrtisar (Jan 17) and Lucknow (Jan 21).

The renowned French Bassist Mishko M’ba Source – livemint.com

Mishko M’ba was born in France and is amongst the crème de la crème of French bassists. A student of western classical music in Toulouse, he later chose to focus on jazz and rock. He has performed on both the French and the International scene since the 80s and has toured extensively in USA, Europe and Asia. Mishko has worked with several renowned artistes including Ray Charles, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Raúl de Souza, Khaled and Didier Lockwood. He currently plays with Emergence, Mystik Vibes, Lucky Ali, The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band, UNK (The Radha Thomas Ensemble), Refuge and Mangloo Band (Reunion Island) amongst others. Mishko M’ba settled in Pondicherry about 12 years ago and has been playing with the band ARKA alongside Ravichandra Kulur, V Selva Ganesh and Gino Banks.


Shanks on Stage

Shanks was initially trained in the tabla and the Carnatic violin and went on to learn to play the guitar, the harmonica, the trumpet and the mandolin. He worked with Rave music magazine for two and half years in Bengaluru many years ago and was inspired to take up music full-time because of the musicians he interviewed. He has composed for theatre, feature and documentary films. Shanks has also produced music with independent singers and released an experimental tribal album called Enchantation after recording tribal singers in Arunachal Pradesh. He has performed with several contemporary pop and independent rock acts in Bengaluru and Mumbai. He performs and produces in pop, rock, blues, Latin American and jazz styles and collects ethnic music.

Siddharth Bhatt

Rédaction, AF Magazine Inde-Népal

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