Yama – a contemporary dance expressing ancient ideas

The performers on stage

Dance is often compared to poetry in motion and is formally recognised as one of the seven major art forms in France. It is one of the most fundamental ways in which humans express themselves – an intrinsically physical language that is in a state of constant evolution like any other. To honour this art […]

In Light He Trusts!

Calcutta LP

Early Dec 2015, Marko 93, a French graffiti artist and light painter wrapped up his India tour that spanned 10 cities over 45 odd days – Delhi, Chandigarh, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Bombay, Trivandrum, Chennai and Pondicherry. This tour was organized by the Alliance Française de Bangalore for the Alliance Française India network. Marko hails from District 93 […]

The World Is Her Stage – Mnouchkine at Puducherry


An iconic figure in European theatre, Ariane Mnouchkine co-founded the Théâtre du Soleil over 40 years ago and remains its artistic and stage director to the present day. The only female winner of the international Ibsen award, she has toured the entire world with her company and has encountered every conceivable language and culture. In turn, […]

AF for Népal, concert humanitaire à Pondichéry.

Af for Nepal concert

      C’est malheureusement par une tragédie que tout a commencé mais la soirée que nous avons organisée à l’Alliance française de Pondichéry pour venir en aide au Népal fut sans conteste un très beau moment. Le concert de soutien au Népal qui eut lieu ce samedi 3 mai, a permis de récolter près […]

From Arikamedu to Pondicherry


A conference on history at the Alliance française de Pondichéry, by Mr. JBP More threw light on some notions and theories that have been passed over the generations without any evidence. Mr. JBP More is an internationally known historian who is considered as a leading specialist of the French colonial history in India. An authority […]

Pompous Parade in Pondicherry


 February 28, 2014 heralded its official 125th anniversary of the Alliance Française de Pondichéry, a day replete with festivities, fun and merriment amid the students, teachers and its members. This day was set in motion with the staff of Alliance Française baking a cake to commemorate the attainment of 125 years of its operations in Pondicherry. […]

Gourmet week in Pondi


In order to prepare its gourmet week, which will take place from March 17th to 23rd, Alliance Française de Pondichéry welcomed Jean Hue, a retired and talented chef, who helped guide, teach and instruct the local cooks in the fine art of French cooking. His immaculate training proved to be a great success. Diplomacy and love […]

Students’ Festival of Pondicherry

students festival af magazine

World Music Day, an international phenomenon observed worldwide in 460 cities and 110 countries, coincides with the Students’ Festival organized by the Alliance Française de Pondicherry in the month of June. Reportage! June is normally warm and sunny in Pondicherry and the spirit of the city seems to also slumber lazily as the longest days […]

Une écaille d’argent

Un eclat d'argent

Anticipant le rendez-vous annuel de la Fondation, l’Alliance Française de Pondichéry a organisé un concours photo pour ses étudiants et ses membres autour du thème « les métiers du monde ». Nicola de Souza, grande gagnante revient sur cette expérience. La photo de Nicola concourra à la sélection internationale du concours photo de la Fondation Alliance Français et nous […]

D’île en rives, il n’y a qu’un pas


L’île de la Réunion et l’Inde ont des relations singulières, liées à un contexte historiques et politiques. Aujourd’hui, l’Alliance Française de Pondichéry revisite à sa manière ces racines révélées par une richesse culturelle commune.  « Na sa qui sot la mer dan mem ocean*». La Réunion et L’Inde ont de commun tout d’abord cet océan éponyme […]


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